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GetDownPro [1.8-1.17.1]


Arcade and PvP minigame that your players will love!



... and a lot more satisfied customers! 

GetDown is a last man standing & arcade minigame. Your goal is to get down to the end of the map(s) as first. During your journey, you can collect CoinBlocks, or try your luck with LuckyBlocks. After end of all maps, players will have time to buy items from the shop and get prepared for Deathmatch! At the start of Deathmatch, all players will be teleported to the PVP Arena. Last one standing is the winner!
PRO GetDown is suitable mostly for mini game / gamemode servers, but its ready-made to be used on any kind of server!


If you don't know how GetDown minigame looks, check out gameplay here!

Discord support:

Where can I download pre-configured maps?

You can download it after verifying the buyer on my Discord server!

    • Support also PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders!
  • Multi-Version compatibility [1.8.8 - 1.16.X]
  • Multi-Arena / BungeeCord support
  • Easy and effortless setup
  • Translate almost everything to your own language
  • Join arenas through GUI menu or command
  • Unlimited maps per arena
  • Smart arena handling system with automatic resets
  • VotePacks
  • Multiple Deathmatch map support!
  • Configurable main command
  • LeaderHeads support
    • Customizable LeaderHeads for every player statistic
      • gd-wins (Most Wins)
      • gd-kills (Most Kills)
      • gd-deaths (Most Deaths)
      • gd-pvpkills (Most PVP Kills)
      • gd-pvpdeaths (Most PVP Deaths)
      • gd-played (Most Played)
      • gd-mostcoins (Most Coins collected)
      • gd-luckyblocks (Most LuckyBlocks collected)
      • gd-coinblocks (Most CoinBlocks collected)
  • Leaderboards:
  • Parties
    • Players can create parties to play with friends together!
  • GUI Arena Editor
    • Edit everything about arenas with ease!
  • CoinBlocks & LuckyBlocks
    • Unlimited CoinBlocks types (Diamond block, Emerald block..)
    • Lucky, and unlucky rewards with fancy effects
    • Lucky Rewards:
      • Heal
      • Regeneration
      • Absorbtion
      • Bonus Coins
      • Bonus Health
      • Speed
    • Unlucky Rewards:
      • Fall
      • Blindness
      • Respawn
  • Shop
    • Full customizable and well optimized shop
    • Create your own shop categories and items
    • Supports item enchants
  • Arena Signs
    • Smart automatic sign update system with updating also block behind
  • PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI Support
    • %getdownpro_wins% / {getdownpro_wins}
    • %getdownpro_played/ {getdownpro_played}
    • %getdownpro_most_coins/ {getdownpro_most_coins}
    • %getdownpro_kills/ {getdownpro_kills}
    • %getdownpro_deaths/ {getdownpro_deaths}
    • %getdownpro_pvp_kills/ {getdownpro_pvp_kills}
    • %getdownpro_pvp_deaths/ {getdownpro_pvp_deaths}
  • Rewards
  • GUI Arena map voting and Deathmatch map voting
  • Player's statistics:
    • MySQL / File support
    • Last Played Date
    • Played games
    • Games won
    • Most Coins obtained
    • LuckyBlocks collected
    • CoinBlocks collected
    • Jumping kills
    • Jumping deaths
    • PVP Kills
    • PVP Deaths
  • Lot of cool in-game effects:
    • Sounds
    • Map-win fireworks
    • Titles
    • LuckyBlock and CoinBlock particles
  • Starting Kits
    • Configurable kits permissions and price
    • Choose if use permission to select kit, or price to pay for kit
    • Editable kits!
    • Pre-Set kits:
      • Archer - Receives bow and arrows on start
      • Coiner - Receives x amount of coins when game starts
      • Healther - Have x more health during jumping
      • Lucker - Lucky blocks are for him only Lucky
      • Jumper - Receives feather falling boots on start
      • Warrior - Receives wooden knockback sword on start
      • Ghost - Has invisibility, but also Speed II
  • Frequently updated resource with support ready for you anytime!
  • Developer API


  • getdownpro.* - Permission for everything in this plugin
  • getdownpro.admin - Admin permission. Allows to reload plugin, start / stop game. Default given to all OP's
  • getdownpro.create - Permission for creating and setting arenas and managing arena maps
  • - Permissions for creating parties. Default given to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.player - Player permissions, includes join, leave, and using in-game options. Default given to all players.
  • getdownpro.start - Permission that allows to start arenas. Default given to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.stop - Permission that allows to stop arenas. Default given to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.bypass - Permission that allows to bypass using only GetDown commands in game. Default given to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.stats.others - Permission that allows to view others statistics. Default give to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.leaderboard - Permission to use leaderboard commands. Default give to all OPs.
  • getdownpro.npc - Permission to use npc commands. Default give to all OPs.

Official Tutorial by Drawethree

English tutorial by DiamondRushXD (Outdated)

Installing plugin to your server:

  • No other plugins dependencies required!
  • This plugin will work only on servers with Java 8 and above!

Arena setupping:
Arena setuping is trivial for each arena. If you want to setup arena game length and other variables such as MySQL, BungeeCord, Themes, check out config.yml ! If you want edit already created arenas, check out arenas.yml or use in-game arena editor!

  1. Create arena with /gd create
  2. Set arena lobby location with /gd setlobby
  3. Create as many maps as you want with /gd addmap
  4. Set start point (Spawn) of each map by /gd setspawn
  5. Set end point (Y-Location) of each map by /gd setend
  6. Create at least one DeathMatch map for your arena by doing /gd deathmatch create
  7. (Optional) Set your DeathMatch map's description by /gd deathmatch setdesc
  8. Add players spawnpoints for DeathMatch map by /gd deathmatch addspawn
    • If you made a mistake with creating spawnpoints, you can easily remove the latest added by /gd deathmatch delspawn
  9. (Optional) Create arena sign(s) like this:
    1. Line: [gd]
    2. Line:
  10. (Optional) Create VotePacks by /gd addvotepack
    • Example: /gd addvotepack MyArena VotePack1 Map1,Map2,Map3
  • Just for safety, reload plugin by doing /gd reload

Code (Text):
//Retrieves you list of all arenas
List gdArenas = GetDownProAPI.getArenas();

//Retrieves you get down stats of player (if exists, if not returns null)
GDPlayerStats playerGDStats = GetDownProAPI.getPlayerGetDownStats(player);

//Retrieves you arena in which player is
GDArena playerArena = GetDownProAPI.getPlayerArena(player);


  • If you have right to download the GetDownPro plugin, you are claimed as "buyer" of GetDownPro plugin.
  • Refunds/chargebacks are prohibited, as one does not have a right to get a refund for such digital item as it has been used.
  • One purchase is valid for one (1) Minecraft server, or one (1) instance of a bungee network.
  • Author of this plugin has full right to change the price of the plugin anytime.
  • After buying this plugin you will have right to download plugin, and all exclusive content with it
  • Author of this plugin has full right to change content of this plugin anytime.
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