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Infinite Dispensers


Add more features to your dispensers!


  • Upgradable Dispensers: You can upgrade your dispenser with money or XP for a bigger radius and more features

  • Auto Shoot: Dispensers can automatically shoot entities in their radius when there are a bow and some arrows in the dispensers in

  • Auto Shear: Dispensers can automatically shear sheeps when there is a shear in their inventory.

  • Auto Collect: Dispensers can automatically collect items and drop them in a linked chest. If the chest is full items will automatically get dropped on the ground.

  • Auto Kill: Dispensers can automatically kill entities with a sword when there is a sword in their inventory.

  • Support Enchantments: The Dispensers checks if there is a useful enchantment on the sword or bow in its inventory and uses the enchantment.

  • Statistics: You can see how many items your Dispenser collected and how many entities it has killed since being placed.


  • Vault


Upgrade Dispensers





Any purchase made is as it is. No refunds will be given after any purchase is made. Forced refunds such as charge-back, claim, or dispute in an attempt to get the plugin for free are prohibited.

Author Zach_FR
Total downloads 3
First Release 26 Jul. 2021
Last Update 27 Jul. 2021
Category General
All-time rating
Version 2.0.4
Released 27 Jul. 2021
Downloads 3
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