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Infinite Scoreboard


Cool scoreboard plugin

Optional dependencies : PlaceholderAPI
This plugin is currently in a Beta phase which means there is a possibility that the plugin has some bugs. If you find any please report them in Discord.
  • In-Game Editor: You can customize the whole Scoreboard In-Game without touching a file!
  • Updates Immediately: After you made a change in our In-Game editor you can see the change immediately!
  • Player Toggling: Each player can toggle their own scoreboard!
  • Character Limit: Servers running 1.13 or higher can use 128 characters (including colors) and servers running 1.12 or below can use 32!
  • Multiple scoreboard by permission: You can create as many scoreboard you want and assign permission to your player!
  • Per world scoreboard: You can set per world scoreboard.
  • API: There a API, Open a ticket in my discord if you need more information.
IMPORTANT: Servers who allow people with another version on their server (And thus use ViaVersion or ProtocolSupport on their server) can only use 32 characters instead of 128 if the server version is above 1.12!
Permissions & Commands
  • infinite.scoreboard.admin- Allows admins to reload the plugin and to use the In-Game Editor. (/isb reload & /isb editor
  • infinite.scoreboard.toggle - Allows the player to toggle their own Scoreboard. (/isb toggle)
  • infinite.scoreboard.scoreboard. - Allows the player to see this scoreboard.
You can find examples here
Author Zach_FR
Total downloads 28
First Release 03 May. 2021
Last Update 29 Jun. 2022
Category General
All-time rating
Version 1.2.1
Released 29 Jun. 2022
Downloads 5
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