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Infinite SellBlocks


A block that will make your server unique!

Required dependencies : Vault

Infinite SellBlocks
Infinite SellBlocks is a plugin that sells items/drops in its radius. You might ask why and when would I use this plugin. This plugin is perfect for Skyblock servers. It adds something unique to it, which makes players more interested in your server!

Customizable Sell Interval: You can customize after how many ticks the sellblock should sell.
Upgradable SellBlocks: You can upgrade your sellblock with money or XP for a bigger radius
ShopGUI+ Hook: The block can use the prices configured in your ShopGUI+ config.
zShop Hook: The block can use the prices configured in your zShop config.
Own Price Config: If you do not want to use the ShopGUI+ hook you can use the plugin's own price config.
Statistics: You can see how much money your sellblock made and how many items it sold.
Clear Worthless: You can enable/disable per sellblock if you want to clear the items that are worth $0
Collect XP: You can level up your sellblock to collect XP that drops in its radius.
Taxe: You can set taxe. Before sale it's will applied taxe to item sale.




infinite.sellblocks.overview - Allows the player to see the GUI when clicking a sellblock. - Allows the player to upgrade their sellblock with money.
infinite.sellblocks.upgrade.xp - Allows the player to upgrade their sellblock with XP.
infinite.sellblocks.clearworthless - Allows the player to enable / disable the Clear Worthless feature on their sellblock(s).


Statistics & Selling


Author Zach_FR
Total downloads 6
First Release 17 Mar. 2021
Last Update 28 Nov. 2021
Category General
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Version 1.3.0
Released 28 Nov. 2021
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