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Join Message


simple configuration Join Message

Join Message
Configuration are easy
You can edit the message
Welcome message
You can disable join/leave message
Support Hex Color
Support of PlaceholderAPI
command - permission
/joinmessagereload - joinmessage.reload
joinmessage.join.disable - to disable completely the join message for this player
joinmessage.quit.disable - to disable completely the quit message for this player
joinmessage.staff.join - to show staff join message to this player and other player with permission
joinmessage.staff.quit - to show staff quit message to this player and other player with permission
Support on Discord
Author Zach_FR
Total downloads 6
First Release 26 Jul. 2021
Last Update 04 May. 2022
Category General
All-time rating
Version 1.7.2
Released 04 May. 2022
Downloads 0
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0 ratings
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