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⚡maqDeathMessages⚡ | If you die, then with beautiful words...✅


Custom messages on death.

Optional dependencies : PlaceholderAPI, ProtocolLib, HolographicDisplays
Languages Supported : Russia

Plugin description:
This plugin is intended for small player customization. Probably every player had a thought, after his death, to leave a message from the killer, so that he knew that he was already awaited in other warm lands.


Plugin commands:
/deathmessages - message menu.


Plugin Permissions:
maqdeathmessages.openmenu - the ability to open the menu.


Plugin video:

Author wapPaine
Total downloads 3
First Release 27 Jul. 2021
Last Update 27 Jul. 2021
Category Fun
All-time rating
Version 1.0_lite-version
Released 27 Jul. 2021
Downloads 3
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0 ratings
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