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⚡MercuryInvestment⚡Earn money by staying AFK [1.8-1.17]


MercuryInvestment allows your players to earn money by staying afk. Advantage of connected number garanted !

[1.2] ⚡MercuryInvestment⚡Earn money by staying AFK [1.8-1.17] (14/04/2022)

- Remove Licence System. (Now plugin works without licence).

[1.1] MercuryInvestment⚡Earn money by staying AFK [1.8-1.17] (06/01/2022)

Release MercuryInvestment 1.1


Merci de me report si vous trouvez des bugs ! Je vous recommande de réinitialiser le config.yml

Thanks to report if you found any bugs. I recommand to reset your config.yml file.


- Fix issues with multi-versionning.

- Add Pagination for Investment GUI

- Fix bug witch display only 1 investment of all your list.


For more informations :

[1.0.2] MercuryInvestment 1.0.2 (05/12/2021)

Release MercuryInvestment 1.0.2

- Fix lots of issues with multi-versionning. Now work perfectly on 1.16.5+


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Author SwartZ
Total downloads 9
First Release 10 Aug. 2021
Last Update 14 Apr. 2022
Category General
All-time rating
Version 1.2
Released 14 Apr. 2022
Downloads 2
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