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ProFoundry [1.8-1.17.1]


Melt your tools and armors!

Melt your tools and armors!

material: "FURNACE" #Material of the foundry block
name: "&7Foundry"
- "&7Place this block"
- "&7to melt items"
pattern: #this is the pattern of the craft. The schema below represents a crafting table
a: #a b c
material: "OBSIDIAN" #d e f
b: #g h i
material: "GOLD_BLOCK"
material: "OBSIDIAN"
material: "GOLD_BLOCK"
material: "FURNACE"
material: "GOLD_BLOCK"
material: "OBSIDIAN"
material: "GOLD_BLOCK"
material: "OBSIDIAN"
particles : false #put it to true to display particles when an item is melting
timetomelt: 10 #in seconds: time needed for the foundry to melt an item
defaultplace: 2 #how many foundries a player can place by default
#you can define the number of foundries a player can place with the permission "foundry.number.numberyouwant"
#example: if you want your player to place 5 foundries at maximum, use "foundry.number.5"
defaultexp: 10 #default number of exp that the player will receive when he melts an item (must be an integer)
#this number is the maximum (item not broken and diamond), it will decrease if the item is almost broken
#and it also depends on the rarity of the ressource (diamond > gold > iron)
isneeded: true #put it to true if you want your player to pay this when he melts
material: "COAL"
quantity: 5
nameempty: "&cFoundry - Empty"
namemelting: "&cFoundry - &aMelting"
namedone: "&cFoundry - &2Molten"
name: "&cInformation"
material: BLACK_STAINED_GLASS_PANE #Material of the item that fills the inventory
- "&7Put your tools in the empty slot"
- "&7to begin to melt them."
name: "&cInformation"
material: RED_STAINED_GLASS_PANE #Material of the item that fills the inventory
- "&7When your item is molten"
- "&7ores will spawn here"
name: "&aYour item is molten!"
material: LIME_STAINED_GLASS_PANE #Material of the item that fills the inventory
- "&7Recover the ores and you will"
- "&7be able to start a new melting!"

mustbetool: "&cYou must place a tool or an armor!"
notenoughressources: "&cYou must have at least 5 coal to melt an item!"
itemtoobroken: "&cYour item is too much broken to be molten!"
wait: "&cWait for your item to be molten!"
blockplace: "&aYou have placed a new foundry!"
blockbreak: "&cYou have broken a foundry."
noperm: "&cYou don't have permission to do that!"
reloadusage: "&7Usage: &c/foundry reload - to reload the config file"
reloaded: "&aConfiguration file for Foundry reloaded"
limitplace: "&cYou have reached your limit of %number% foundries !"

use: "foundry.use" #use the foundry block
place: "" #place the foundry block
break: "foundry.delete" #break the foundry block
reload: "foundry.reload" #reload the plugin
unlimitedplace: "foundry.placeunlimited" #permission to place foundries without limitation

Terms of Service (you agree to, by buying/downloading this plugin):

  • You are responsible what happens with the plugin after you download, therefore, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning. I may be obligated to report you on SpigotMC, which might lead to your account being permanently suspended (banned).
  • You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither it's code or parts of it.
  • You may ask me for support if plugin doesn't function the way it's supposed to.
  • No refunds, all payments are final as by buying you gain access to this resource without ability to stop it.
More information about the plugin is provided in configuration files

(you will have to go through buyer verification process before getting accepted for support, if you don't have access to "Download" button here don't even bother joining and begging for help or bothering users via PM)
Author chochoco4777
Total downloads 1
First Release 08 Oct. 2021
Last Update 11 Oct. 2021
Category Mechanics
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Version 1.1
Released 11 Oct. 2021
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