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ProSign [1.8-1.17.1]


Sell Chest, Autosell Chest, Block Chest, Boosters and Limit LOTS MORE!

ProSign is a plugin that brings 3 new Signs that have, different abilities like a sign that turns your ingots to block, a sign that sell stuff automatic and a manul one!


  • /prosign trust -
  • /prosign untrust - prosign.untrust
  • /prosign info -
  • /prosign reload - prosign.reload

price: #You can only enable one pricelist
default: true
essentials: false
shopguiplus: false

- 'STONE:0:8.1'
- 'GRASS:0:2.2'
- 'DIRT:0:1.5'
- 'INK_SACK:4:10.2' #This will make lapis be sold

format: '[autosell]'
permission_to_create: 'autosell.create'
- '&6&l[Autosell]'
- '&7This chest will'
- '&7sell all items'
- '&7in 10 seconds'
timer: 10
use-message: '&7You have made &a${amount} &7from your autosell sign(s)'
no-permission: '&cYou dont have permission to create a autosell sign'
type: 'SELL_SIGN'
format: '[sell]'
permission_to_create: 'sellsign.create'
- '&6&l[SellSign]'
- '&7Right click to'
- '&7sell all items'
- '&7inside the chest'
use-message: '&7You have sold items for &a${amount}'
no-permission: '&cYou dont have permission to create a sell sign'
type: 'BLOCK_SIGN'
format: '[block]'
permission_to_create: 'blocksign.create'
- '&6&l[Block Sign]'
- '&7Right click to'
- '&7convert the items'
- '&7into blocks'
use-message: '&7You have converted &b{amount} &7ingots into &b{blocks} &7blocks'
no-permission: '&cYou dont have permission to create a block sign'
nothing-sellable: '&cNothing sellable'
no-online: '&cThat player is not online!'
limit-reached: '&cYou have reached the limit please remove some of your signs!'
not-a-member: '&cYou aren''t a member of this sign!'
create-sign: '&7You have created a &b{type} &7sign!'
added-member: '&7You have added {member} to your signs!'
removed-member: '&7You have removed {member} from your signs!'
broken-sign: '&7You have broken a &b{type} sign!'
- '&7Booster: &bx{booster}'
- '&7Limit: &b{limit}'
- '&7Placed Signs: &b{placed}'

trust: ' &f&oAdd this player to your trust list'
untrust: ' &f&oRemove this player to your trust list'
info: ' &f&oShow info about players like boosters, limit'
reload: '&f&oReloads the plugin'
reload-success: '&aSuccessfully reloaded!'

reload-fail: '&cA serious error occurred during reloading'
default-limit: 5

permission: 'luckysign.member.limit'
limit: 10
permission: 'luckysign.staff.limit'
limit: 15
permission: 'luckysign.admin.limit'
limit: 20
permission: 'luckysign.member.booster' #Create a permission and give them a booster based on there permission
booster: 1.10 #This is where you define there booster.
permission: 'luckysign.staff.booster'
booster: 1.25
permission: 'luckysign.admin.booster'
booster: 1.50

Terms of Service (you agree to, by buying/downloading this plugin):

  • You are responsible what happens with the plugin after you download, therefore, if plugin is leaked or redistributed and it's registered under your name, I am allowed to remove you from buyers list without a warning. I may be obligated to report you on SpigotMC, which might lead to your account being permanently suspended (banned).
  • You may not redistribute plugin, in any shape or form neither it's code or parts of it.
  • You may ask me for support if plugin doesn't function the way it's supposed to.
  • No refunds, all payments are final as by buying you gain access to this resource without ability to stop it.
More information about the plugin is provided in configuration files

(you will have to go through buyer verification process before getting accepted for support, if you don't have access to "Download" button here don't even bother joining and begging for help or bothering users via PM)
Author chochoco4777
Total downloads 1
First Release 08 Oct. 2021
Last Update 08 Oct. 2021
Category General
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Version 1.0
Released 08 Oct. 2021
Downloads 1
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