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Rewards [ 1.8 ]


Allows you to get some rewards easy






Allows you to get some rewards easy









     - Fully configurable (Menu, Items, Rewards, Cooldowns)
     - You can add the number of reward you want.
     - Save in JSON and use player UUID.
     - Nice for factions server



     - /reward (alliase: /rewards) : Open reward GUI.

     - Discord : Tractopelle#4020
     - If u find any bug send me a private message on discord.

Hoping that you like the plugin !


Author Tractopelle
Total downloads 13
First Release 14 Jul. 2021
Last Update 30 Jul. 2021
Category General
All-time rating
Version 0.0.1
Released 30 Jul. 2021
Downloads 9
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0 ratings
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