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spring, summer, autumn, winter => flowers, berries, shrooms, snow and more :)

Optional dependencies : WorldGuard, PlaceholderAPI
Languages Supported : language.yml file to change sentences
Donation Link :
(Tested on 1.16.5 and 1.17.1)
this plugin modifies every loaded chunks
to immerge players into 4 seasons !
The chunks are changed as you go along
- snow is disappearing little by little
- flowers are spawning little by little
- fire is spawning in the nether !!!
- there is no rain
- there is no snow
- berries are spawning little by little on the south side of mountains
- flower are disapearing little by little
- podzol appear under the trees, litle by little
- and shrooms are spawning on it
- option : you can add that oakleaves are changed to cobweb, if you add it, cobweb will drop sticks and no strings. interesting if you change the skin of cobweb in the resource pack to something like branch with no leave
- ice is spawning in the end !!!
- there is no rain
- snow is falling and spawning on the ground
- shrooms and podzol are disappearing litttle bu little
- ice is covering the water little by little
players with the seasons.player permission can get the day of the season with command :
admins with the seasons.admin permission can change the season with the command :
/adminseasons setSeason [spring|summer|autumn|winter]
A very configurable plugin in the config.yml file
(admins can reload the values in game after change thease
with command /adminseasons reload)
see the config file here :

monthLength : set the number of days in a month (one season is during three monthes)
disableWorlds: disable one or more worlds where you want seasons will have no impact !
Ths spawnings ( 0 to 100 ) (set to 0 to disable one of thease)
flowers: 10 the speed flowers are spawning at spring everywhere
berries: 10 the speed berries are spawning at summer on the south side of moutains
shrooms: 10 the speed shrooms are spawning at autumn on the podzol
podzol: 10 the speed podzol is spawning at autumn under the trees
snow: 30 the speed the snowlayers are spawning at winter on the mountains
fire: 10 the speed fire is spawning at summer in nether
ice: 10 the speed ice is spawning at winter in the end
for each flowers, set the quantity to spawn (here for example lily of the valley are uncommon
dandelion: 40
poppy: 60
blueOrchid: 40
allium: 20
azureBluet: 100
redTulip: 100
orangeTulip: 100
whiteTulip: 100
pinkTulip: 100
oxeyeDaisy: 10
cornFlower: 60
lilyOfTheValley: 8
modify the shrooms percents
redShrooms: 10
brownShrooms: 90
modify snow altitude (you can change it if you use a version of minecraft that change the altitude in game)
snowAltitude: 68
modify volume max per chunk of each element
iceMaxPerEndChunk: 50
fireMaxPerNetherChunk: 25
berriesMaxPerChunk: 4
shroomsMaxPerChunk: 4
podzolMaxPerChunk: 256
dandelionMaxPerChunk: 2
poppyMaxPerChunk: 2
blueOrchidMaxPerChunk: 2
alliumMaxPerChunk: 2
azureBluetMaxPerChunk: 2
redTulipMaxPerChunk: 1
orangeTulipMaxPerChunk: 1
whiteTulipMaxPerChunk: 1
pinkTulipMaxPerChunk: 1
oxeyeDaisyMaxPerChunk: 2
cornFlowerMaxPerChunk: 2
lilyOfTheValleyMaxPerChunk: 2
the speed of natural global evolution
generationTick: 300
to prevent entitues killing when berries appear if entitie is not player
disableBerriesDamages: true
to prevent players killing when berries appear
disableBerriesDamagesOnPlayers: false
 [1 to 100] to change oakleaves to cobweb at autumn and winter
(if  you want to modify the texture of these with a resourcepack :)
(0 to disable it)
changeOakLeavesToCobweb: 0
Thanks for return me reports, ideas and more .... ;)
If you want to add a video, or a server to a list of servers that are using the plugin, pm me !
Have fun ! <3

(PS : support en français tranquilou)
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