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Sell wand


Sell wand plugin to sell content of your chest

- You can edit wand in config
- You can chose your custom list or take shop price from supported plugin list
- Hologram on left-click
- Cooldown features based on permissions
- You can set multiplier on wand
- Sell wand uses
Command - Permissions
/sellwandgive <user> <amount> <uses> <multiplier> - sellwand.give
Left-click on chest with a sell wand to show hologram- sellwand.hologram
Right-click on chest with a sell wand to sell his content - sellwand.use
Cooldown permission (If not set, no cooldown) - sellwand.cooldown.<seconds>
Supported plugin
QShop (Link here)
Contact me on discord to add more plugin
Dependency plugin
Hologram plugin
Economy plugin
Support on Discord
Author Zach_FR
Total downloads 23
First Release 17 Nov. 2021
Last Update 25 May. 2022
Category General
All-time rating
Version 1.4.0
Released 25 May. 2022
Downloads 2
Version rating
0 ratings
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