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Simple Bungee Queue [ 1.8 → 1.19 ]

Add one queue for your server when they are restarting or full ( BungeeCord )



Prevent players from spam-joining server, or will queue players when restart or full !





     - Fully and simply configurable (message.yml and config.json).
     - Bungeecord plugin so players can change server and keep in the queue.
     - Player can see the voteparty info with a command.
     - Nice for all servers.
     - Stay in queue will he don't leave the queue or be first when he is disconnect.
     - Compatible 1.8 to 1.19.
     - A commands for bypass with a permission.
     - Message when the place change in the queue.
     - Delay message of informations of the queue (Maintenance message and Place change message)
     - Prevent players from spam-joining server, or will queue players when restart or full.




      - /queue : Show help message / usage.
      - /queue join : Join the queue.
      - /queue leave : Leave the queue.
      - /queue bypass : Be first in the queue.
      - /queue maintenance : Set/unset in maintenance the queue ( Like a pause )
      - /queue reload : Reload the plugin.




      - bungeequeue.admin : Access all commands
      - bungeequeue.join : Access to join command.
      - bungeequeue.leave : Access to leave command.
      - bungeequeue.bypass : Access to bypass command.
      - bungeequeue.maintenance : Access to maintenance command.
      - bungeequeue.reload: Access to reload command. 

     - Discord : Tractopelle#4020
     - If u find any bug send me a private message on discord.

Hoping that you like the plugin !

Author Tractopelle
Total downloads 7
First Release 12 Jul. 2022
Last Update 12 Jul. 2022
Category General
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Released 12 Jul. 2022
Downloads 7
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