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? SUPPORT A CREATOR like FORTNITE [1.8-1.18 ] | (MyCommand, DeluxeMenu) 1.0


MyCommand config for players can put creator code, creator gets cashback!

Optional dependencies : DeluxeMenus
Required dependencies : MyCommand / PlaceholderAPI
Languages Supported : FR | EN

MENU DELUXEMENU ARE FOR 1.13-1.18 , if you want 1.8 - 1.12 u just modify HEX and stained_glass

Discord • Bricec6#6204

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 It is allowed to be installed on one or more servers


Author bricec6
Total downloads 3
First Release 17 May. 2022
Last Update 18 May. 2022
Category General
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Version 1.0
Released 18 May. 2022
Downloads 2
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