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The best auction house plugin, mandatory for your server.

  • Discord bot: download here
  • Configurable message
  • Configurable inventories
  • Configurable categories
  • MySQL, PgSQL, MariaDB and JSON storage
  • Works from 1.7.10 to 1.16.X
  • System to convert data from other plugins
  • Soutien à l\'écononie : Vault, PlayerPoint, TokenManager ; MySQL Token, Level, Item, Custom
  • Permission to limit the number of items for sale
  • Log system
  • Items blacklist
  • A complete API
  • System to get your money back only when the player is logged in.
  • Sorting system
  • Transaction History
  • Support for HeadDatabase and EpicHead
  • Inventory selling system
  • Support de Citizen
  • Player blacklist (Allows to banish a player from the plugin, he won\'t be able to buy or sell anymore)
  • Support de palceholderAPI
  • Ingame configuration
  • Complexe search

Author Maxlego08
Total downloads 1676
First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 20 Sep. 2021
Category General
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Released 20 Sep. 2021
Downloads 36
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