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Ideal for a server with pvp and perfect for all faction pvp servers.

Dependencies :

The plugin needs Vault to work properly.

Work with :

The plugin work correctly with the following faction plugins:
MassiveCraft (Does not work correctly)


But it also work very well for holograms with :


And also the system to earn points with the following plugins and already done adjustable in the 'config.json' file :


How the plugin work :

You can add or remove points to a faction with the command /zpoints which can be useful for event plugins.

The faction ranking is fully configurable, it is possible to display the ranking in the chat or in a GUI menu that can be modified in the 'rankingmenu.yml' file.


The ranking is programmed every X time to refresh, the time between each refresh is modifiable in the 'config.json' file.
The refresh message can be displayed in the ActionBar or in the chat.

If you have the plugin HolographicDisplays or CMI you can activate the holograms, these are used to display the ranking of the first 5 factions with their number of points.

You can choose not to display factions in the ranking, simply by adding the name of the faction in the configuration file.

You can activate or not the shop ranking (/cshop) which will allow the player to buy faction points to increase their place. This one is configurable in the 'cshop.yml' file.

You can also view the number of seats in the server chat. To do this you simply have to write in your chat plugin , which will automatically be replaced by the place of the player's faction.

The faction ranking is calculated with different factor :

The number of dead players
The number of players killed
The number of players' money (Calculate all 1000$)
The number of faction claims
The number of points that were added to a faction or not


The number of znexus won
The number of ztotem won
The number of zkoth won

Features :

Added the possibility to put a scoreboard for faction ranking
Added another method to calculate the points of a faction such as: bank faction, the number of chests, hoppers, droppers, and dispensers in the claims.
Addition of different saving systems other than Vault

Points :

zpoints » Show commands zpoints (zpoints.use)
zpoints help » Show commands zpoints (
zpoints give [] » Give points to a player (zpoints.give)
zpoints remove [] » Remove points from a player (zpoints.remove)
zpoints reset » Reset player points (zpoints.reset)

Ranking :

ranking » Show commands ranking (zfactionsranking.use)
ranking help » Show commands ranking (
ranking me » See his faction's points (
ranking hologram » Set hologram with HolographicDisplay or CMI (zfactionsranking.hologram)
ranking refresh » Refresh classement (zfactionsranking.refresh)
ranking reload » Reload configuration plugin (zfactionsranking.reload)
ranking reset » Reset faction ranking (zfactionsranking.ranking)
ranking version » Show plugin version


cshop » Open ranking shop (zcshop.use)






It is possible to add points to a faction or even delete some with the following code :



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Ideal for a server with pvp and perfect for all faction pvp servers.