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A King of The Hill plugin that has all the flexibility that you need!

  • Optimize - The plugin is based on TemplatePlugin, which guarantees a great optimization of the plugin

  • Unlimited koths - Create as many koths as you want

  • Unlimited activation - Launch as many koths at the same time as you want

  • Compatible with a scoreboard

  • In-game configuration

  • Unique loot system for each koth

  • Compatible plugins:

  1. FactionsX

  2. SuperiorSkyblock2

  3. Guilds

  4. LegacyFactions

  5. MassiveCraft Faction

  6. SavageFaction

  7. SaberFaction

  8. UltimateFaction

  9. FactionUUID

  10. FeatherBoard

  11. TabPremium

  12. TitleManager

  • Javadoc:

  • New loot system, you will be able to choose between 3 ways to give the items to the players when they win the koth. You can choose between CHEST, INVENTORY and DROP.

  • /koth » Show commands (zkoth.use)

  • /koth create » Create a koth (zkoth.create) "You must select an area with the command /koth axis".

  • /koth delete » Delete a koth (zkoth.delete)

  • /koth list » Show koths (zkoth.list)

  • /koth spawn » Spawn a koth (zkoth.spawn)

  • /koth now » Spawn a koth without cooldown (

  • /koth stop » Stop a koth (zkoth.stop)

  • /koth reload » Reload configuration (zkoth.reload)

  • /koth move » Move koth location (zkoth.move)

  • /koth axe (zkoth.axe) » Get koth axe for the selection of creation stitches.

  • /koth info ( » Get all the information about a koth, delete and add commands as well.

  • /koth addc  (zkoth.command.add) » Add a command.

  • /koth removec (zkoth.command.remove) » Delete a command.

  • /koth settype <none/drop/inventory/chest> (zkoth.type) » Changing the type of loots of a koth.

  • /koth loot (zkoth.loot) » Add or remove items from the koth.

  • /koth setcapture (zkoth.setcapture) » allows to modify the time of capture of a koth

  • /koth scheduler (zkoth.scheduler) » Create scheduler


Author Maxlego08
Total downloads 205
First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 15 Aug. 2021
Category General
All-time rating
Released 15 Aug. 2021
Downloads 30
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0 ratings
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