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Ideal for a server with pvp and perfect for all faction pvp servers.

[] Placeholders (24/05/2021)

- Added NexusDamageEvent listener to retrieve all information of a current nexus


- The following placeholders have been added :

%znexus_life_{name of nexus}% -> Displays the life of the selected nexus

%znexus_loc_{name of nexus}% -> Displays the selected nexus location

%znexus_breaker_{name of nexus}% -> Displays the last player to type the selected nexus


- Added placeholder reading in orders for winners

[] Update (08/05/2021)

+ Changes to the call of the vents

+ Javadoc update

+ Adding an event: NexusSpawnCooldownEvent

[] TitleManagerAPI (05/05/2021)

Addition of the TitleManager API for holograms

[] Some fixes (28/04/2021)
  • Fixed item restrictions for version greater than 1.13
  • Changing information in the scoreboard
    • We have replaced %player1% through %p1%
    • and %damageP1% through %d1%
  • Modify the API and ensure that you can recover the top 3 with the number of damage set
  • Retrieving all people typing the nexus
  • Correction of the version information message at each connection
  • Fixed looping message when there are not enough playe...
[] Improvement (06/01/2021)
  • Add multiple material at the same time and the material with an id.
  • Being able to change the number of times the nexus will stay in place before stopping by itself.
  • Autostart does not start if a predefined number of players are not online.
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Ideal for a server with pvp and perfect for all faction pvp servers.