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Better than ShopGuiPlus and DeluxeMenu combines













    • Manage very simply your inventories with a very complete button system (17 types of buttons) documentation here


    • Sell preset mob spawners to players (supports zSpawner)



    • Create simple or complex inventories for your server (like a /vip or /help)


    • Multiple page support


    • 100% customizable messages, shops and items




    • Support head url (Example here)



    • Support sound (example here)


    • Support potion item


    • Optional command system for a better customization of the plugin


    • Supports enchantments, names, lores and flag items


    • Permission-based promotion system, increase the sale price or decrease the purchase price with a permission that will give you a certain percentage of the price.


    • Ability to display the head of the player who opened the GUI.


    • Fill out the inventory quickly


In the plugin you can modify the orders as you wish, you can create new ones that will be linked to other inventory. So you don't need another GUI management plugin.
In the plugin only one command is imported, it allows you to reload your configuration: /zpl reload





Spanish (Zyro):


Author Maxlego08
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First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 15 Sep. 2021
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Released 15 Sep. 2021
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