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Simply manage your spawners with a inventory ! Perfect for any type of server!


Last release:


You must download version to have the latest version of the plugin, this is a pre release, I do not recommend using it on your server but only do tests on it, if you have any suggestions come and offer them to me on discord











You can also add your own plugin like this:






public class ClassExemple implements Listener {






    public void onRegister(SpawnerRegisterEvent event) {


        event.setFactionListener(new LegacyFaction());








 public class LegacyFaction extends FactionListener {






    public boolean canBuild(Player player, Location location) {




        String tag = Board.get().getFactionAt(new FLocation(location)).getTag();


        String playerTag = FPlayerColl.get(player).getFaction().getTag();


        return tag.equals(playerTag);












Author Maxlego08
Total downloads 135
First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 26 Mar. 2022
Category General
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Released 26 Mar. 2022
Downloads 42
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