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The best plugin totem !




    • Optimize - The plugin is based on TemplatePlugin, which guarantees a great optimization of the plugin


    • Unlimited totem - Create as many totem as you want


    • Unlimited activation - Launch as many totems at the same time as you want


    • Compatible plugins - You have FactionUUID, SuperiorSkyblock, and LegacyFaction which are currently supported, but if you have ideas of other plugins to add you can come and ask me on discord: (Have the plugin API you can easily add your own plugin very easily !)


    • /totem » Show commands (ztotem.use)


    • /totem create » Create a totem (ztotem.create)


    • /totem delete » Delete a totem (ztotem.delete)


    • /totem show » Show totems (


    • /totem spawn » Spawn a totem (ztotem.spawn)


    • /totem now » Spawn a totem without cooldown (


    • /totem stop » Stop a totem (ztotem.stop)


    • /totem version » Show plugin version


    • /totem reload » Reload configuration (ztotem.reload)


    • /totem move » Move totem location (ztotem.move)


    • /totem scheduler » Show scheduler commands (ztotem.scheduler)


    • /totem scheduler list » Show scheduler list (ztotem.scheduler)


    • /totem scheduler remove » Remove a scheduler (ztotem.scheduler)


    • /totem scheduler add [] [] » Add scheduler (ztotem.scheduler)


    • Example: /totem scheduler add repeat myTotem 120 » Totem myTotem will appear every two hours


    • Example 2: /totem scheduler add delay myTotem monday 15 30 » Totem myTotem will appear every Monday at 3.30 p.m.


    • This new version is not as complete as the old ones it is true, but it will change over time, here are the things that are still to be done:


    • Ranking and statistics system


    • Scoreboard

Lang FR:


Author Maxlego08
Total downloads 108
First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 04 Apr. 2022
Category General
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Released 04 Apr. 2022
Downloads 10
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