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Vote Reward - Vote party

Optional dependencies : PlaceholderApi
Required dependencies : NuVotifier

Serveur Minecraft Vote is a site that lists the best minecraft servers and rank them according to their number of points, do not wait and add your server!


Reward your players with the VoteParty system. zVoteParty will encourage your players to vote for your server, which will help your community grow.





  • Order/vote with fully configurable inventory
  • Configurable message
  • Party voting system
  • Many placeholder
  • Reward system for player's vote (with NuVotifier plugin)
  • Multi server support (using redis)
  • SQL database for vote history



  • /vote ( - Open vote inventory
  • /zvoteparty (zvoteparty.use) - Show needed votes for vote party
  • /zvoteparty reload (zvoteparty.reload) - Reload configurations files
  • /zvoteparty config (zvoteparty.config) - Open inventory of configuration
  • /zvoteparty version - Show plugin version
  • /zvoteparty add [<true/false>] (zvoteparty.add) - Add vote to player
  • /zvoteparty startparty (zvoteparty.startparty) - Force launch a Vote Party


More informations here:



How to use Multi Server ?

  1. Stop your servers
  2. Set storage type to REDIS
  3. Set redisSqlStorage to MYSQL, PGSQL or MARIADB
  4. Add the information of the database and your redis server
  5. Start your servers
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