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A King of The Hill plugin that has all the flexibility that you need!

[] Bug fix (18/03/2022)

Fixed a bug related to the scoreboard.

Added the possibility to change the name of players without factions.

[] 2 news koth type and + 26 placeholders (07/03/2022)
  • Addition of 2 new types of KOTH. Koth by points and KOTH timer. The objective is either to get the most points or to stay the longest on the KOTH. You can configure whether or not the points are lost if the player leaves the koth.
  • Added 26 placeholders. You can now totally choose how you want to display the KOTH, you can get the percentage, the number of points, and even a progress bar !


[] Core update (01/03/2022)
  • Modification of the plugin base, update of the message system as well as of the command system for a better performing system.
  • Adding all messages in the messages.yml file. It remains the messages with actions that must be added in the configuration file.
  • Update of the plugin description page.
  • Some big updates will happen in the next days to add more content on the plugin. If you have ideas for updates you can come on the discord: https://discord.groupez.d...
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Author Maxlego08
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First Release 29 Nov. 2020
Last Update 12 Apr. 2022
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Released 12 Apr. 2022
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